CBD Cream

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Support your skin with the power of CBD. Highly Relaxing’s CBD topicals are specially formulated to provide localized relief and help your body recover from whatever may be straining it. Made with high quality hemp-derived CBD, Highly Relaxing topicals are the answer you’ve been searching for with the results you need.


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Natural Ingredients

Made in USA


Try Risk Free

Natural Ingredients

Made in USA



More Information About CBD Pain Salves

Salves are typically going to be a thicker substance made most often with oils and waxes. The lack of any liquids keeps them thick and more easily applied to specific areas, but more importantly, they are used to keep the salve shelf-stable. Salves may contain any number or combination of oils including coconut and sunflower. Beeswax is the most common wax used in a salve but any wax would work. What makes salves special is its ability to hold a small amount of tincture. This is where many companies add their CBD in addition to other tinctures for additional potential benefits.


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Customer Reviews

I'm so thrilled I found you. I was absolutely pain-free last night and felt totally relaxed! I haven't been like that for months.
I was recently shot and the pain meds and muscle relaxers work, but do not actually loosen my muscles. So I applied your cream and had the best nights sleep since I was shot.
I have used this and it works better than anything I have ever tried!
I've been using this for months, only that that gives near-instant pain relief for my back.
Aches and pains from yardwork yesterday. Just a little bit has me feeling like a teenager again.
My mom loves this pain balm! It took away her pain in 2 days!